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Our shows are pre-recorded at 320kbps. Schedule: Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Click to listen and/or preferably, download MIXCLOUD app.

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All our playlists for all our shows. Currently for shows #707-550.

Show #707
Sat June. 13-2020
Euphoria - Brainstorm
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - Ides of March
Enforced - Retaliation
Doctor Butcher - I Hate You Hate We All Hate
Maelstrom Vale - Doomed Traveler
Costa Varras - Mighty Warrior (ft. Joseph Michael0
Alcatrazz - London 1666
Phoenix Titan - Napalm Phoenix
Headless - Risin Up
Firewind - Break Away
Iron Angel - Sands of Time
Angel Vengeance - Open Your Eyes
Power Quest - Find My Heaven
Jorn -  New York Minute
Wicked Smile - We Fall
Mirrorplan - No. 1-0-7
British Lion - The Burning
Cloven Hoof - Gods Of War
Archon Angel - The Serpent
Ironstone - Downpour
Trend Kill Ghosts - Deceivers
Phear - Narcosynthesis (Ft. Jon Howard)
Warkings - Warriors
Metal Allegiance - We Rock
Show #705
Sat May. 23-2020
Adelaide - Ring Of Saturn
Allen / Olzon - I'll Never Leave You
Assassin - The Swamp Thing
Tales Of The Tomb - The Sinful Messiah
Woodhawk - Weightless Light
Gentihaa - Vision
Black Mastiff - A Tangle
Special Ops - Dead Are Calling
U.N.S.I.N. - Addict
A Life Divided - Addicted
Villagers Of Ioannina City- Age of Aquarius
And Now The Owls Are Smiling - An Indictment
Wvrm - Angel Of Assassination
Sonus Corona - Fading
Costas Varras - RISE (ft. Chity Somapala)
Psyanide - Cause Of Life
Metalian - The Sirens Wail
Square Torpedo - To the Darkness
Black Palle - Gambling With The Devil
Phoenix Titan - Ride For Vengeance
Intrinsic Souls - Sweet Sorrow
Visionatica - To the Fallen Roma
SandBridge - Run You To Ground
Thy Art Is Murder - Make America Hate Again
Kataklysm - The Last Breath I'll Take Is Yours
Usurper - Warlock Moon
Blackcast - The American Dream
Show #706
Fri May. 29-2020
Somehow Jo -Tusk
Tanjiir - Ad Astra
Artificial Agent - Eye for an Eye
Necroticgorebeast - Autoerotic Rectal Prolapse
Prophets Of Addiction - Babylon Boulevard
Sodom - Back to War
Death Angel - Mistress of Pain
Possessed- Burning in Hell
Airbourne - Backseat Boogie
Ground Crew - Before the Throne
Korpiklaani - Bier Bier [feat. Heidevolk]
Joe Satriani - Big Distortion
Tigertailz - Bloodsuckers
Hookers & Blow - Rocks Off
Ross The Boss - Born Of Fire
Ensiferum - Rum, Women, Victory
Sabbat - Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares
Roulette - Cataclysm
Cryosphere - Reflections(Extended Edition)
The Sword - Daughter Of Dawn
The Pretty Reckless - Death by Rock and Roll
Gotcha - Fallen
Vandenberg - Freight Train
Paradise Lost - Ghosts
Guerra Total - Holomodor (La Muerte Roja)
Sepultura - Inner Self
Vader - Into Oblivion
Subversive - Kobaloi & Keres
Calibre - The Agony
Show #703
Sat May. 9-2020
Tales Of The Tomb - Mendacium
Sammath - Bitter fighting amongst the dead
Purulent Necrosis - Invoke The Creophagous
Abysmal Dawn - Coerced Evolution
Abysmal Dawn - Hedonistic
Plague Pit - Accursed Clay
Frigoris - Aurora Stirbt
CDG Project - Ascension
Bersærk - Balders Bål
Chugger - Beg, Burn, Fear
Somehow Jo - Alcoholiday
Ironstone - Bound
Bury Tomorrow - Cannibal
Mind Key - Angry Men
Elysium - Before The End
Labyrinth - Bullets
Deadrisen - Fear And Fury
Demonhead - Children of the Night
Chaos Over Cosmos - Consumed
Warbringer - Glorious End
Cloven Hoof - Gods Of War
Metalian - Liquid Fire
Destruction - Mad Butcher
Flotsam & Jetsam - N. E. Terror
Show #704
Sat May. 16-2020
Godthrymm - Among The Exalted
Dominia - Suprema
Cult of Luna - The Silent Man (A Dawn to Fear pt. 1)
Blåådpalt - Eradication
Lord Of The Lost - Ruins
Muldrotha- Lungs Of The Mother
Crimson Moon - Godspeed Angel Of Death
Vintersea - Befallen
Svart Crown - Exoria
Mazikeen - Fractricide
Perceptions - The Burden
Show #701
Sun Apr. 26-2020
Enepsigos - Confess
Stromptha - De Sang Et De Brouillard
Next Door To Heaven - Dance With Me
Aara - Arkanum
Kvelertak - Crack of Doom (ft. Troy Sanders)
Deathbed Confessions -Merkini
Afterbirth - Spiritually Transmitted Disease
Violent Force - Dead City
Midnight - Fucking Speed And Darkness
The Unfound - Monochrome
Dirty Rats - Fantasy
Paralysis - Oblivious
Trivium - Catastrophist
Strigoi - Nocturnal Vermin
The Black Dahlia Murder - Child of Night
Artillery - The Almighty
Demenzia Mortis - Bis repetita
Cardinal Sin - Steroid
Infector Cell - Vision of Apocalypse
Belenos - Karv-den
Solothus - Below Black Waters
Aetherius Obscuritas - Lidércpalota (Incubus Palace)
Barrens - Atomos
Atanas - Where river brings redemption
Show #699
Fri Apr. 17-2020
Dokken - Too High to Fly
Gotcha - Too Good for Hell
Disconnected - Unstoppable
Sleeping In Traffic - Masculine Toxin
Juliet Ruin - Fight To Win
Pretty Maids - Will You Still Kiss Me (If I See You In Heaven)
Paralydium - Within The Sphere
Love Bites - When Destinies Align
Gyasi - Young Love
Kings Of Dust - Ya, That's Me
Cold - Without You
Jorn - Winning
Virtue - We Stand to Fight
North Of South - We Refused To Hear Them (It's Our Song) (ft Anna Murphy)
Kingsmen - Waste Away
Waiting For Monday - Until The Dawn
Show #697
Sun Apr. 5-2020
Then Falls The Sky - Bleeding Hearts
Evil Blood - Seventh Sabbath
Alleyway - All the Screams
Juggernaut - Impaler
Epidemic - Waiting the Execution
Neurosis - Verdún 1916
The Rekkening - Is This Love
Jaded - Higher
Grift - Förtappelsens folk
Ammune - Bliss
Deceptor - Dome of wrath
Defaced - Sower of Discord
Dark Forest - The Undying Flame
Cerebus - Running out of time
Age Of Emergence - Your Kingdom Dies
Inira - Zero
Show #702
Sat May. 2-2020
Viscera - Hammers and Nails
American Terror - She's A Bitch
An Autumn For Crippled Children - None More Pale
Cauldron Black Ram - Slaver
Chronus -  Idols
Deep Purple - Man Alive
Edge Of Paradise  - Fire
Extrema - The Ripper (Judas Priest cover)
Firewind - Welcome To The Empire
Goregäng - Farm The Mother
Goresoerd - Nõiaring
Häxan - Skeletons
In Vertigo -  The Night
Jasta -  Return from War (ft. Max Cavalera)
Night Demon - Kill The Pain
Pop Evil - Let The Chaos Reign
Rannoch - The Dream
Show #700
Thu Apr. 23-2020
Destruction - Unconscious Ruins
Irist - Creation
Lord Dying - Freed From The Pressures of Time
Bury Tomorrow - Cannibal
Sepultura - Inner Self
Sodom - Back to War
Sonata Arctica - FullMoon
White Stones - Drowned In Time
Mayhem - Falsified and Hated
Orphans of Doom - New Ishtar
Nero or the Fall of Rome - The Cross of Nero
Reek - Flesh Golem
Angel Vengeance - Open your eyes
Neaera - Catalyst
Show #698
Sun Apr. 12-2020
Necronomicon - Paradise Lost
Mental Disaster - The Repulsive Abomination
Phoenix Titan - In Sanity
Iron Maiden - Wasted Years
Katharos XIII - Xavernah Glory
Theocracy - A Tower of Ashes
Wombbath - A Vulgar Declaration
Tomb Mold - Accelerative Phenomenae
Cadaver Soiree - Writhing Masses
Berzerkker Legion - World In Despair
Mortal Sin - Women In Leather
Testament - Raging Waters
Lycanthropus - Wolf Song
Motorhead - Killed By Death
Show #695
Mon Mar. 30-2020
Blame Zeus - No
Royal Corvus - Writing On The Stone
Unleash the Archers - Cleanse the Bloodlines
Burning Witches - Black Widow
Warlock - I Rule The Ruins
Accept - Fast As A Shark
Mercyful Fate - Come to the Sabbath
W.A.S.P. - Rebel In The F.D.G.
Judas Priest - Hellrider
Tygers Of Pan Tang - Art Of Noise
Crayven - Land Of Tears
Shakra - Too Much Is Not Enough
Cerberus - The Ending
Sacred Reich - Who's To Blame
Metallica - Hardwired
Exodus - Good day to die
TVH - Toxicutie
Cryonic Temple - Wolfcry
Iron Kingdom - White Wolf
Thunder And Lightning - Touch Me (Samantha Fox cover)
Stitched Up Heart - Warrior
Halestorm - Bad Romance (Lady Gaga cover)
R.U.S.T.X. - Wake Up
Rush - Limelight
Amberian Dawn - Valkyries
Cloven Hoof - Touch The Rainbow
Diabulus In Musica - The Misfit's Song
Ad Infinitum - See You In Hell
Algebra - Pulse
Soto - Torn
Electric Revolution - God And The Devil
Vinnie Moore - Heard You Were Gone
Blacktop Mojo - It Won't Last
Wayward Sons - Little White Lies
Peace & Quiet - Keep On Pushin
Joe Satriani - Nineteen
Show #693
Thu Mar. 19-2020
White Stones - Rusty Shell
Isle Of The Cross - Inferno
Thy Despair - The Free One
Colpocleisis - Masturbational Burnout
Villagers Of Ioannina City - Father Sun
Abduction - Aux Loges Les Dames (Jehanne - 2020)
Hexvessel - Phaedra
Emmure - Gypsy Disco
Enthroned - Womb of Violence (Bonus Track)
Nothing But Sunshine - Parade
New METAL COFFEE Bands\Shoulda Been Blonde - Forget
FM - Broken
Váthos - Curse of Apathy
Igorrr - Camel Dancefloor
Porphyra - Porphyra
Myrath - Tales of the Sands
Tomorrow's Eve - Imago
Sorcerer - The Hammer of Witches
Artificial Eden - Poor Desire
Katatonia - Behind The Blood
Xpus - The Gates of Doom
Kaamos Warriors - Tuonentuoja
Váthos - Ruins Of Corrosion
Silent Call - Imprisoned In Flesh
New METAL COFFEE Bands\TVH - One Fight Left
Abysmal Dawn - The Path Of The Totalitarian
Sabiendas - The Siege
American Terror - Judgement
Show #696
Sat Apr. 4-2020
Lutharo -  Wings Of Agony
Suicidal Tendencies - War Inside My Head
Exodus - Til Death Do Us Part
Slammer - Tenement Zone
Metallica - Trapped Under Ice
Haxon - Vlad The Impaler
Social Scream - Truth Divider
Iced Earth - Stormrider
Heaven SHall Burn - Übermacht
Armored Dawn - Zombie Viking
Descend To Acheron - Your Suffering is a Gift
My Dying Bride - Your Broken Shore
Code Orange - Underneath
Everyday Heroes - Standing Stones
Julian's Lullaby - Starbringer
Painted Wives - Truth & Consequences
Shape Of Water - The World is Calling Me
Jupiter Hollow - The Rosedale
CDG Project - The Prophecy, Pt. 2
Myth Of I - The Illustrator
Apotheus - The Darkest Sun
Moon Destroys - Stormbringer (Ft. Paul Masvidal)
Death's-Head And The Space Allusion) - Shrouded Stars
Haken - Prosthetic
Bill Mathers - Ain't No Sunshine
Show #694
Mon Mar. 23-2020
Lost Horizon - Think Not Forever
Angra - War Horns
SnakeyeS - The Evil Dead
Meliah Rage - Bates Motel (Remastered)
Wolf - Shoot To Kill
Burning Witches - Sea Of Lies
Firewind - Rising Fire
Demons & Wizards - Wolves in Winter
Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - Dracul Son
Exodus - Strike of the Beast
Warbringer - Firepower Kills
Black Mastiff - Mind Vibe
Kings Of Dust - Like an Ocean
Black Overdrive - No Salvation
Airbourne - Backseat Boogie
Cerca Trova - Apollo's Bow
Angel Vengeance - Street of Tomorrow
Axel Rudi Pell - Gunfire
Axel Rudi Pell - The Clown Is Dead
Nordic Union - My Fear And My Faith
Power Trip - Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)
Overt Enemy - Blood God
Blame Zeus - Bloodstained Hands
Terra 1ncognita - Stranger
Seven Spires - Bury You
Queensryche – Inner Unrest
Conception - Quite Alright
Harem Scarem - Change The World
Tethra - Cold Blue Nebula
Soilwork - Desperado
Watchtower - Meltdown
Overkill - Live Young,Die Free
Product Of Hate - Euphoria
Alkira - Inflicting Damage
Pantera- Heresy
Show #691
Thu Mar. 12-2020
Warrior Within - Opus
Babylonfall - Stars And Constellations
Blåådpalt - God of Razorblade
Bonehammer - Hammerson
Deadspawn - Ex Inferis
Diamonds On Neptune - Erase
Infirum - Shadows of the past
Malevolence - Keep Your Distance (ft. Bryan - Knocked Loose)
Orphan Donor - Salvia is a Bitch
Rough Grind - The Die is Cast
Phil Demmel - The Permanent Decay
Thunder And Lightning - Grenade
Ulcerate - Stare Into Death And Be Still
Telepathy - The Void In Aimless Flight
Turbo - Alive
Electric Mob - Devil You Know
Testament - Children Of The Next Level
Hyper Vigilance - Drain
Volturian - New Life
Green Carnation - Leaves of Yesteryear
Vader - Shock And Awe
Burning Witches  - Six Feet Underground
Life Of Agony - Stone
Die Anotehr Day - Wild Fire
Lost Legacy - Will You Remember
Warrior Within - Rat Race
Dawn of Ouroboros - Spiral of Hypnotism
Show #692
Tue Mar. 17-2020
Wishing Well - We Shall Never Surrender
Lost Symphony - Premeditated Destruction
ALMANAC - Rush Of Death
Apocalyptica - Live Or Die (ft. Joakim Brodén)
Architectural Genocide -  Pleasure Induced By AGony
Aversions Crown - The Soil
Beyond The Black - Misery
Black Absinthe - Witness
Burning Witches  - Six Feet Underground
Dawn of Ouroboros - Spiral of Hypnotism
Die Another Day - Wild Fire
Dynazty - Waterfall
Endless Forms Most Gruesome - A Thousand Years in Hell
Green Carnation - Leaves of Yesteryear
Her Chariot Awaits - Constant Craving
Hyper Vigilance - Drain
Imonolith - Becoming the Enemy (ft. Johannes Eckerstrom)
Korpiklaani - Pivo Pivo [ft. Milan ACHSAR]
Life Of Agony - Stone
Lost Legacy - Will You Remember
Lucifer - Leather Demon
Lutharo - Barren
Monumentum Damnati - Infernal Sun
My Dying Bride - To Outlive The Gods
Nicumo - Same Blood
Her Chariot Awaits - Dead & Gone
Nightwish - Harvest
Show #689
Tue Feb. 25-2020
Inverted Matter - Drake Effect
Amaranthe - Do Or Die (Ft. Angela Gossow)
Soleil Moon - Just So You Know
Sercati - Time of Loss
Cerca Trova - CBT
Scimitar - Shadows of Man II Cataclysm
Adrestia - AFRÎN
The Way Of Purity - Mandament
Krosis - Battles are Won Within
Body Count - Bum-Rush
New Mecanica - Children of the Sun (DEAD CAN DANCE COVER)
Wormhole - D-S3
K.A.Z - Beautiful
Smackbound - Drive It Like You Stole It
Magg Dylan - Delusional
Psychotix Waltz - Devils And Angels
Ivanhoe - Midnight Bite
Psychonaut - Kabuddah
Lucifer - Midnight Phantom
Sonus Corona - Fading
North Of South - On Unexpected Shores
In This Moment - Hunting Grounds (ft. Joe Cotela of Ded)
Ozzy Osbourne - It's A Raid (ft. Post Malone)
Temperance - I Am The Fire
Until the Storm - Roads to the Lost
Alcest - Sapphire
Show #690
Fri Feb. 28-2020
Metallica - Trapped Under Ice
Sepultura - Inner Self
Pantera- Heresy
Violent Force - Dead City
Bathory - Sadist
After Dark - Alleyway
Death Angel - Mistress of Pain
Demolition Hammer - Skull Fracturing Nightmare
Exumer - Possessed by Fire
Mortal Sin - Women In Leather
Meliah Rage - Bates Motel (Remastered)
S.O.D - Freddy Krueger
Suicidal Tendencies - War Inside My Head
Slammer - Tenement Zone
Possessed - The Heretic
Exodus - Strike of the Beast
Artillery - The Almighty
Coroner - Sudden Fall
Scream 3 Days - Apocalypse's Will
Traverse The Abyss - Ghost
Destruction - Mad Butcher
Exhorder -  Exhorder
Flotsam & Jetsam - N. E. Terror
Nailbomb - For Fuck's Sake
Sepultura - From the Past Comes the Storms
Possessed- Burning in Hell
Prey Upon - Washed Ashore
The Rekkening - Is This Love
Power Trip - Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)
Show #687
Sat Feb. 15-2020
Axxis - Kingdom of the night
Loudness - Ashes in the Sky (Shadows Of War)
Pegazus - The Crusade
Primal Fear - Riding the eagle
Firewind - The Forgotten Memory
Lost Horizon - Highlander (The One)
Shaaman - Time will come Ritual
Voyager - Fire of the Times (feat DC Cooper)
Symphony X - When All Is lost
Blind Guardian -The Bard's Song
Rhapsody of Fire - Emerald sword
Edguy - King Of Fools
Psychotic Waltz - While The Spiders Spin
Dark Moor - Wind Like Stroke
Symfonia - In Paradisum
Avantasia - Runaway Train
Helloween - If I Could Fly
Solarys - Deepest Dream
Dragonland - Cassiopeia
Ravenword - Blue Roses
Stratovarius - Black Diamond
Masterplan - Heroes
Celesty - Fading Away
Show #688
Fri Feb. 21-2020
Grave Digger - Excalibur
Third Chamber - Mind Rot
Frogg - DNA
Hyperomm - Living in a Cage (bonus track)
Rejection - A new age of insanity
Thy Disease - Aluminium Cities
Burdizzo - Blackmailisted
Thrash Bandicoot - Milwaukee Cannibal
Raider - Bound by No Fate
Dreamlord - Blinded Eyes
Bejelit - Emerge
Iron Fire - Until The End
Sabaton - Metal Machine
HammerFall - Any Means Necessary
Freedom Call - Warriors
Sonata Arctica - Who Failed The Most
Kamelot - Forever
Dream Evil - The Chosen Ones
Dionysus - Anima Mundi
Power Quest - Find My Heaven
Excalion - Wingman
Iron Savior - The Savior (The Landing)
Ghost Toast - Frankenstein's
Gomorra - Gomorra
Wolfpakk - Lone Ranger
Divinefire - Into a New Dimension
Victor Smolski's ALMANAC - Predator
Running Wild - Crossing The Blades
R.U.S.T.X - Running Man

TV - (still on Hiatus)


bi-monthly TV Show (on set and location). Here we go in depth to get into all that is the Metal/Rock Scene. The old, the new and the unknown... locally and internationally! On these shows we will talk or discuss, humorously and intelligently, or not, on Metal news with special and not so special guests  (musicians or regular folks), discussion of various Metal and music topics, cd reviews, shows, interviews (live or through SKYPE on set), music videos, on set jam sessions, contests, giveaways etc.